How To Care For Old Period Furniture

You will find many examples of period furniture here at Beeston Reclamation and if you are lucky you may pick up a bargain if you are quick enough.

Furniture is often sold within weeks of being put on display and sometimes in even less.

Our customers know that antique furniture is built to last and of superior quality to most furniture you will find in the shops today. As long as it is properly cared for it will probably last for a lifetime so here are some tips to keeping your period furniture in top condition for as long as you own it.

Be careful where you place your furniture
It might sound obvious but placing your furniture in the wrong position can result in a lot of damage. So avoid those parts of the house that get a lot of sunlight as this will lead to fading. Heat can also be a problem so keep furniture away from radiators if you can.

Check humidity levels in the environment
Sometimes you may not have room to store furniture in the house so it’s important to find somewhere where humidity levels are not too low or damp. Both can have a damaging effect on furniture and it is recommended that levels should be 45% to achieve an optimum environment.

Wax your furniture around 3 times a year
To keep your furniture in top condition it is important to wax it with bees-wax and buff it with a soft cloth. This will help enhance its patina.