How to build a barbeque from reclaimed bricks

Nothing beats the taste of smoky barbecued foods eaten in the great outdoors.

If you’re fed up of crouching over disposable barbecues, but can’t justify the cost of an expensive shop bought one, why not build your own for a fraction of the cost?

Reclaimed bricks are an affordable and eco-friendly building material, perfect for building your own attractive and bespoke garden barbecue.

When you build your own barbecue, you can make your design as big, small, basic or creative as you wish, allowing you to create something that meets your requirements perfectly.

There are plenty of in-depth tutorials for this type of project available online, but here is a rundown of the basic steps you will need to follow.

  • Decide where your new barbecue is going to go and plan the measurements before sketching out your final design.


  • You will need to build your barbecue on a sturdy, level surface like concrete or patio.
  • Make sure it is not situated too close to a fence or to your house.
  • Buy a grill tray for your barbecue first and plan your design around the size of the grill tray.
  • Arrange your first layer of bricks, mix up your mortar and then cement these bricks to the level surface beneath. Use a spirit level as you work to check that your bricks are level and straight.
  • Continue to build up the walls of your barbecue, staggering the joints and checking as you work that each brick is level. Use metal wall ties to secure each wall to the adjoining wall and give your barbecue extra strength.
  • Once you reach the height at which you want your grill, add another layer of bricks turned side-on to the side walls so that they jut out slightly over the middle of the barbecue. This ledge will hold the grill tray.
  • If you require two grill trays you will need to create two ledges at your desired heights.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even design a barbecue with a preparation table to one side.

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