How Do You Sell Antique Furniture?

Selling antique furniture is not as simple as it sounds. You may have something buried in your attic for example you think holds a bit of value and when you sell that cash can then be put to good use.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that you will either get less money for the item than you believe it is worth, or after paying the various fees to advertise or auction the item, you will see a lot of your profit gobbled up.

So getting the best price for your antique furniture really depends on how confident you are of getting the right price and how valuable the item is.

The most valuable antiques are often sold at auction particularly those items that are rare and extremely desirable. Auctioneers, however, will charge commission on the sale of the antique in the region of between 20% and 25% then you will have other associated fees such as auction fee, insurance and even a fee for photography if you want to show your antique furniture in the best light.

For antiques that have less value, ebay will often be the place people choose to sell but here too there will be fees to pay eBay then Paypal transaction fees to take into account. You may also need to transport the item to the buyer which adds to the expense.

If you are currently considering selling your antique furniture we are more than happy to take a look and come back with a quote.