Fireplace Accessories you can find at a Reclamation Yard

As the cooler autumn nights begin to set in you may be thinking about installing a new fireplace or perhaps upgrading the one you have. All of this can be achieved by sourcing your materials from a reclamation yard but what about accessories?

The good news is there is an abundance of fireplace accessories at Beeston Reclamation where you may end up spoiled for choice.

Rather than simply adding some tools from a DIY store, we have plenty of accessories that will add real character to your fireplace that can trace their origins as far back as the Victorian era.

Fire tongs and poker set
No coal fireplace would be complete without a sturdy fire tong and poker set. At just £80 this set represents a bargain and the quality of the metal used will ensure they will last for many years to come.

Wicker log baskets
We have large collection of wicker log baskets that provide the perfect home for your logs in the winter. They also look excellent on display adding a sense of rustic charm to those cold autumn evenings.

Fireplace tiles
Fireplace tiles are extremely popular at Beeston Reclamation so you will need to be quick to secure the best examples. We have a wide selection of Victorian tiles in a variety of patters and colours. These are perfect if you are working on introducing an authentic Victorian fireplace design.