Exploiting the Enduring Appeal of Garden Salvage

Garden salvage is one of the most popular draws for people at reclamation yards and it’s easy to see why when stone statues and other reclaimed garden curiosities fit so well even in contemporary garden settings

The appeal of garden salvage lies in the patina it will have developed over many years outdoors. Cast metal and stone are incredibly durable and can last for hundreds of years with the inevitable signs of aging only adding to the appeal

From garden pots to cast iron pub tables, you will find plenty of hidden pieces that can transform a space and add an important touch of character to the garden whether it happens to be in a contemporary or traditional setting.

People often think such items won’t t fit into a slick minimalist style contemporary garden which makes liberal use of modern materials but the contrast when reclaimed pieces are chosen wisely can present an eye catching focal point.

Alongside items that have their origins as garden furniture, ornaments and statues, there are also those items that may have been created for an entirely different purpose when they were originally made.

Chimney pots and Belfast sinks make excellent planters and then there are one-off items such as the cast iron furnace pot we currently have on display.

So if you’re looking for some garden inspiration why not see if you can find it at Beeston Reclamation Yard?