Every Cast Iron Bench Tells A Story

We have a new cast iron bench in stock, an item that often provides a key setting for many a story.

This is because you will often find a cast iron bench in public spaces like parks where they provide a place for people to sit down for a moment on reflect on life or simply take a break. They can also be places where people who may never have met each other before can strike up a conversation.

There is something about sitting on a bench that makes it easier to communicate. This could be down to the fact that it can feel easier to talk to the person sitting next to you than endure that awkward feeling of sitting close to someone and saying nothing.

Perhaps one of the most iconic films to have used a bench to help tell a story was Forest Gump. In fact the character played by Tom Hanks sat on the bench for 80% of the film while he shared his own epic story to anyone who would sit down beside him and listen.

There is even a more recent movie which goes a step further by not only being named The Park Bench but also by having the two main characters begin and develop a romantic relationship from the comfort of a park bench.