Environmental benefits of reclaimed furniture

Reclaimed furniture offers an attractive and sustainable alternative to buying new.

Cheap, mass-produced products have been in the spotlight recently, as awareness grows about the negative effect they have on the environment.

As well as allowing you to pick up unique, high quality items at a fraction of the cost of buying them new, reclaimed furniture has the added benefit of being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Buying reclaimed is a small lifestyle change that can make a big difference to our environment. Here are the top three environmental benefits.

Reduces deforestation

Trees are hugely important to our ecosystem, they provide habitats for wildlife, clean the air we breathe, and help to prevent soil erosion. Buying reclaimed wood furniture reduces the demand for new lumber to help slow deforestation.

Reduces carbon emissions

Reclaiming existing furniture reduces the demand for the manufacturing of new products. Manufacturing new furniture uses a lot of energy. From harvesting or producing the materials, to putting together the finished product, and then transporting it to the shops. Most of the energy used will come from fossil fuels, depleting our resources and polluting the environment.

Reduces waste going to landfills

Demand for cheap, low quality, mass-produced furniture is high, resulting in huge amounts of waste going to our landfills. Not only do landfills take up space, they also produce air pollution when the rubbish dumped there biodegrades. Toxic substances can also affect the soil quality, impacting biodiversity in the surrounding area.

Mass-produced furniture is not a sustainable solution. Whilst it may be cheap in the short-term, regularly throwing away and replacing cheap items becomes expensive over time. It’s time to start shopping smart by buying sustainable furniture with longevity to protect our planet.

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