Do I need planning permission to turn a garden shed into a home office?

Converting a shed at the end of the garden has become a popular way of creating a home office separate from day-to-day home life and distractions.

Working from home can cut out the time-consuming, expensive, and stressful commute and help to improve work/life balance.

With the development of modern technology and the internet, remote and home working has now become easier and more commonplace than ever.

But how easy is it to turn your shed into a home office, and does it require planning permission?

In most instances, you will find that you do not require planning permission to turn a shed into a home office.

This is because garden buildings are considered to be permitted developments, meaning that they do not require permission providing that they meet certain criteria.

Key criteria of a permitted development

The key criteria to be aware of when converting a garden shed into a home office are:

  • Should be single-storey only.
  • If the shed stands less than 2 metres from a boundary, then the overall height should not exceed 2.5 metres.
  • The shed’s maximum overall height should be no more than 4 metres for a dual pitch roof and 3 metres for all other roof options.
  • The eaves should be no higher than 2.5 metres.
  • Should not be positioned forward of a wall that forms the principal elevation of the property.

The full criteria of a permitted development can be found on the government’s Planning Portal website here.

If you live in a designated area or a listed building, then it is likely that you will require planning permission for adding a garden shed to your property.

You can submit an application for planning permission on the Planning Portal website.

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