Divorced and Married Furniture

Talk of separation is certainly in the news at the moment with Britain set to leave the EU but have you ever heard of furniture being married or divorced? You will if you have knowledge of the antiques furniture trade where the two are quite common.

So, what is meant by furniture being divorced or married?

Divorced furniture is furniture that has had a piece of it removed as can often be the case with furniture that is more than 100 years old. Families would sometimes divide up furniture from the estate of a deceased person as it was the only way to ensure everyone would get their fair share of inheritance.

When you purchase antique furniture that is divorced, it often takes a trained eye to spot if a piece of furniture is divorced or missing a part.

The opposite can happen with married furniture. This will have occurred when one piece of furniture is combined with another which would have saved money on purchasing a whole new item. In the last century furniture would be much more expensive than it is for us today and pieces were often handed down to each generation.

The materials used were of much better quality than we find today and could easily be readapted to different purposes in the home.