Creative Ways to Use Architectural Salvage for Your Business Premises

Reclamation yards up and down the country provide absolute treasure troves of old building materials and items recovered following the demolition of properties. Such is the quality of some salvaged materials, they can soon be restored and put to a new purpose elsewhere.

While salvaged materials may not be suitable for every business, they can enhance surroundings and add character which is why many owners of offices, restaurants and pubs actively seeking them.

When it comes to the actual fabric of buildings, architectural salvage can be useful if you need to comply with local planning laws that stipulate certain materials must be used to maintain a building’s character.

Specialist architects can be hired to help incorporate these restored materials into interiors and exteriors while there are plenty of skilled tradespeople available to install what you need.

While salvaged materials are ideal for small scale building projects, they can also be used in more ambitious developments such as one recently completed in Manchester. The development used materials salvaged from what was once Durban Mill in a project that used 96% of the material from the old building.

If you would like to source materials for your next building project, come and see what we have available at Beeston Reclamation.