Combining Reclaimed with Contemporary Home Furnishings

Combining contemporary and reclaimed items in the home is all about creating the right balance between old and new.

If you fill your house with too many reclaimed items or antiques it can end up looking more like a museum than a house. Most interior designers will add just a few antique items to a contemporary interior and use bright colours that create a nice backdrop. This avoids making a room look too old fashioned. Add in some quirky antique pieces of interest to draw the eye and this will add to the sense of style and sophistication.

Reclaimed features should also complement not just the style of the room but also the period of the property. It is perfectly possible to mix items from different eras and styles and this is something you will find to be increasingly the case nowadays. Anything goes as long as it goes.

For example, you could use modern fabrics in a room which contrast effectively with antiques while making a room seem more inviting. Backgrounds should be neutral and bright to offset darker colours particularly when it comes to old brown furniture.

If you want to experiment and achieve your own unique interior design style, come along to Beeston Reclamation to see what you can find.