Christmas and Nostalgia

You may notice at this time of year the heavy dose of nostalgia that is often associated with Christmas.

No other time of the year conjures up the same emotions or reconnects us to the past quite like Christmas does. When you get to a certain age it becomes apparent just how much of Christmas is endlessly repeated from the same old songs on the radio to the idyllic winter scenes on Christmas cards. The latter often leads us to think that every Christmas was a snowy one back in the old days. Snow would be a welcome departure from the wet and windy conditions we often see in December nowadays.

The Christmas traditions have been hijacked to a certain extent by the rush to spend spend spend on gifts, but the core parts of the season we enjoy are all still present from the decorated tree to the visit from Father Christmas and Christmas dinner.

Above all the connection Christmas has with nostalgia can be traced to being able to sit down and spend time with family.

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