Choosing A Hearth For Your Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves are an increasingly popular way to heat the home but as with all things involving hot appliances and fires, some thought will need to be put into what surrounds it and that includes the hearth.

You will find plenty of non-combustible options at Beeston Reclamation where we have a wealth of materials that can be used as hearths and fire surrounds from reclaimed Yorkstone as well as slate and Victorian style fireplace tiles.

There’s Nothing Like A Yorkstone Hearth

Victorian tiles may not be to everyone’s taste, but a Yorkstone hearth sits well in most settings particularly in larger houses. The rough appearance of the stone lends a rustic charm to a room and is also extremely durable. A Yorkstone hearth will certainly last for more than a lifetime.

To keep your Yorkstone hearth in tip top condition, apply a sealer to add a layer of protection against the usual wear and tear you will get around your wood burning stove. Sealers can either enhance the colour of your stone or you can opt for an invisible sealer so that you can preserve the original colour of the stone.