Cheap And Easy Ways To Restore Old Furniture

Restoring old furniture can be a really pleasurable experience. If you’re creative it more than satisfies those urges and if you are keen on upcycling, then you can feel equally pleased you have saved yourself the bother of buying something new and probably mass produced. Restoring old furniture to its former glory, however, isn’t always as cheap as it might sound so here are some tips on how to save money and do the job quickly and easily.

Use paint stripper to strip way paint
Often with old reclaimed items, the paint is hides a marvellous piece of wooden furniture. The simple way to remove this paint is to use paint stripper which you can buy from any hardware store or supermarket. Be sure to protect yourself from the vapours and any splashes and that includes your skin and of course your eyes.

Use a razor to remove paint spatters
If you don’t like using chemicals and there is only a small amount of paint on the wood, then a razor blade is an excellent tool you can use to remove any traces of paint.

Revealing the condition of the wood

If you need to check if all the work is worth it underneath thick layers of varnish, then you can use a special varnish remover. These can be bought solvent free for less than a tenner and if you are happy you can prepare the furniture for painting or another type of finish in no time.

Before finishing
Once all your preparation work has been done, some good old soapy water and a sponge/brush will remove any debris so that your furniture can then be dried and prepared for finishing.