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What Sorts Of Things Can You Expect To Buy At A Reclamation Yard?

One of the main attractions of visiting a reclamation yard is you never know what you will find let along expect to buy. A reclamation yard will have anything from reclaimed building materials to furniture and unusual antiques on display at any one time. This makes a visit to more of a voyage of discovery…

From model motorcycles to iron dog bowls we have plenty of surprises for 2017

If you haven’t visited us for a while or indeed if you have yet to visit, we have plenty of new stock arriving at the reclamation yard at this time of year. Many of the items that have arrived this month with people braving the wet and windy weather to come along and browse. Fortunately,…

The Do’s and Don’ts of Antique Bird Baths

Antique bird baths not only provide a great focal point in any garden they are also one of the best ways to attract birds into your garden by providing them with a source of water for drinking and bathing. There are however some things to consider before adding an antique bird bath to your garden….