Can wooden floorboards be warm and energy efficient?

Wooden floorboards can add elegance and sophistication to your home, but can they also be warm and energy efficient?

There’s no doubt that wooden floorboards add a certain rustic charm and natural beauty to any interior.

But whilst they look beautiful, can floorboards really match the cosy feel and warmth of a carpet under foot?

The answer is yes, when done right, natural wood floorboards can also be warm and comfortable.

You wouldn’t lay a carpet without the appropriate underlay, and when you choose wooden floorboards for your home you should also consider how you’re going to insulate them.

Here are four ideas for making your wooden flooring warm and comfortable and lowering your energy bills.

Floor insulation

Your home could lose as much as 10% of its heat through an uninsulated floor. Adding insulation under floorboards can drastically reduce draughts, keeping them feeling considerably warmer, and reducing your energy bills.

Seal holes or gaps

Even after installing underfloor heating, you may notice a draught or two escaping from between floorboards or from gaps between the floor and the skirting board. Fill and seal all gaps to stop losing heat and keep your home feeling warm and cosy.

Underfloor heating

Whilst not suitable for real wood floorboards, if you have an engineered wood floor in your home then you may wish to consider an energy efficient underfloor heating system to keep it feeling luxuriously toasty underfoot.

Add a rug

There’s nothing cosier than the feeling of a thick and cosy rug underfoot. As well as adding style and comfort to your home, rugs also add an insulating layer to your flooring to reduce energy loss.

When buying wooden floorboards for your home why not look after the environment by buying reclaimed?

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