Buying A Grandfather Or Long Case Clock

There is nothing quite like an antique grandfather clock to bring a sense of timeless appeal to your home. Before going ahead and looking on ebay to see if there are any available, why not try the reclamation yards? Buying your clock from a reclamation yard has several advantages over buying online.

One of the main benefits of buying your grandfather clock from a reclamation yard is being able to see it before you buy it. Grandfather clocks or long case clocks as they are sometimes called are complex pieces of machinery beneath all that veneer. So the first priority is to find out if the clock is actually in working order.

If it isn’t then it will make a great ornament but a clock is a clock and you will get far more pleasure out of it if it is working. Some grandfather clocks can be expensive to fix if anything goes wrong and most will require servicing at some point to make sure all the moving parts continue to work.

So with this in mind it is far better to have someone to hand to explain the history of the clock and advise on what may be required to keep it in good condition – this is something you won’t reliably receive buying your antique clock online.