Brown Furniture Making A Comeback

There was a time when brown furniture was what everyone wanted. At least back in its 70s and 80s heyday where many people still possessed the hand me down examples from parents and grandparents.

After a period where this type of furniture was seen as too dark and bulky, brown furniture is making something of a comeback. While we are nowhere near the days when various funds were investing in antique brown furniture the revival is gathering pace as people see its potential even in contemporary settings.

There are some beautiful examples of antique brown furniture that can make a useful addition to the home even today and this is the key to selecting furniture worth the investment – it should serve a purpose rather than just be something you can sit and admire.

You see plenty of recreations of old furniture in the shops so why not make use of the chests of drawers and sideboards that are on display in reclamation yards and antiques auctions all around the country?

We think brown furniture still makes an excellent investment as the best examples will become more of a rarity in the future. Brown furniture