Brighten Up Dark Evenings With Reclaimed Lighting

Autumn is has arrived and so to have the darker nights and mornings which can sometimes darken the mood. Fortunately we have plenty of reclaimed lights to brighten up those evenings and make a centre piece of som,ething we often take for granted in our homes.

So why go to a reclamation yard to find a light rather than source one from a high street shop? Well for one thing if you want something unusual you are more likely to find it at a reclamation yard than a shop.

One thing you are unlikely to find in a shop is an original railway lamp or an opaline globe lamp which can trace its origins to the chic lighting fashions of France in the 1920s.

These old fashioned lamps will be a joy to switch on and create a real feature even in a contemporary style interior.

Pendant lights are also making a comeback and we have a few examples on display in excellent condition considering their age.

So whether it’s one-off quirky lighting you are looking for or genuine antique and upcycled lighting, we are confident you will find something to add a touch of character to your home this autumn.