Bambi Antique Children’s Ride From The 1960s

With kids often preoccupied with handheld electronic gadgets and TV some of the more simple pleasures continue to remain popular. One of these simple pleasures is the coin operated ride.

For kids popping a coin in a slot and enjoying a one minute ride on a machine representing a particular children’s film character, car, truck, fire engine is an enduring form of entertainment that will keep them fully engaged for as long as you have enough change in your pocket.

Fortunately with the arrival of Bambi Antique Children’s Ride From The 1960s on our stock list you can now gain the best of both worlds. You will have a valuable antique that is a working example of machine built in the 1960s and an endless source of entertainment in your own home. Once you have run out of change all you need to do is empty it and start again.

Your kids may not recognise Bambi of course so it might be worth introducing them to the Disney Classic from 1942 which most people of a certain age will remember watching in their childhood.

If you are interested in purchasing the ride or any of the other antiques available at Beeston why not pop in to see what we have available?