Are Red Letter Day For Beeston As Cast Iron Post Box Arrives

Post box enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that we now have a fully restored original cast iron post box available to purchase at Beeston reclamation.

There was a time when people didn’t appreciate old post boxes and many ended up in scrap yards or even sometimes given away to postmen and women when they retired from the Royal Mail. How times have changed.

Their scarcity has seen letter boxes double in value over the course of the last decade making them an excellent investment for the shrewd antiques collector.

Such is the cult status of original post boxes, there is even a study group devoted to their preservation in the UK which has been in existence since 1976. Their website contains many of the photographs they have taken of post boxes over the years.

With English Heritage putting the brakes on the removal of post boxes from our streets more than 10 years ago, many examples continue to remain on street corners and help preserve the character of those locations.

The post box we have for sale at Beeston has been painted in original post box red with gold lettering and comes fully restored and looking brand new.