Antique Trends To Watch In 2016

2016 is now well under way which means it’s time to look at what’s ahead – even if it’s antiques which provide us with a lasting reminder of the past!

One thing we can say as antiques enthusiasts is that we tend not to follow trends. It is more likely we will be setting trends because trends begin with originality.

Those one of a kind finds you will see at the reclamation yard will provide you with an interior design feature few other people will be able to get their hands on.

The blend between old and new has dominated interior design for a long time and we expect this to continue in 2016. Even high street home stores are filling their shelves with all manner of vintage style products.

Country house accessories are set to be particularly hot this year and if you can find these sorts of items dating back to the 1930s such as vintage trunks and globes you will be lucky as they will be in high demand.

The appetite for expensive antiques is also set to grow. Less will definitely be more when it comes to antiques in 2016. Investing in a single high quality piece will be preferable to buying lots of cheaper antiques as people have heightened spending power.