Antique Trends To Look Out For This Year

If you’re looking to buy antiques to add character to your home this year and you want to keep up with current trends, we have put together this mini guide to what to look out for in 2016.

When it comes to colour or lack of it in our homes, colourful antiques are about to see an increase in popularity.

Bold colours and retro pieces look great when set against the neutral backgrounds that are popular in most homes today.

The trend of mixing and matching old with contemporary shows no signs of declining. Old paintings or antique oak furniture look great when they are introduced into a contemporary interior and boldness is encouraged for anyone who might have be reluctant to experiment. Brown furniture is also about to replace the shabby chic with people moving away from flimsy reproductions towards higher quality furniture that is built to last.

When it comes to art, 20th century decorative arts are in demand including Royal Worcester while there is always a place for a good quality antique painting in today’s contemporary interiors.

One of the quirkier antiques in demand at the moment are old school maps, which can be hung on walls instead of paintings.