Antique Sunburst Mirrors

If you’re looking for an antique mirror one thing that never seems to go out of fashion is the sunburst mirror.

I remember years ago how my grandmother used to have one displayed in her front room for years and to this day people are still displaying sunburst mirrors and clocks on their walls.

The sunburst design has its roots in medieval times in churches. Sunburst surrounds were placed around the pictures of saints and other important religious figures and you will still see many examples of them in churches today.

What must have inspired their use in the home was the often elaborate detail of the sunburst designs which were often gilded and shone when sunlight reflected on them.

With many churches going into a state of disrepair, there would have been plenty of opportunity to salvage them and give them a new purpose in the home and this is probably how the sunburst mirror design would have caught on.

You will find many contemporary sunburst mirror designs in the shops these days made from materials including plastic and metal. Antique sunburst mirrors however are likely to be made from higher quality materials that will be more durable and make an impressive centre piece for a dining room or lounge.