Another Exciting Arrival – The Brass Standard Lamp

Sometimes we receive an item at the reclamation yard which dates from a pivotal point in history and there are few more pivotal points than World War One.

As bad as it would turn out to be, some of the greatest technological advances arrived at this time. This brass standard lamp is significant because lighting in the home was undergoing a revolution at this time.

Prior to World War One, people were still largely reliant on oil lamps and candles to provide lighting. While this might seem like a romantic way to light up the night, electric lighting would prove to not only be brighter than the alternatives but also more versatile in how it could be used in the home.

The example we have from 1917 was made at a time when electric lighting was only just taking over as the main form of lighting in people’s homes. If you look at the detail on this lamp, you can see that it wouldn’t look out of place in a Victorian style house with its ornate styling.

The war still had another year to run at the time this lamp was made the stage would be set for the roaring 20s, economic prosperity and an explosion of creativity in lighting and furniture that would culminate in the Art Deco movement and then another World War.