An Introduction To Antique Internal Doors

One thing you will find plenty of at Beeston Reclamation are reclaimed doors. From Victorian four panel doors to ledge and brace doors, you will find plenty to choose from. Here’s our advice on buying antique internal doors for your home including what to remember when fitting them.

A door made from quality timber can last hundreds of years, so investing in an antique door can be a sound investment. An antique door will also help retain the character of a period property if doors need to be replaced.

Even if a reclaimed door has minor damage, a joiner will be able to repair it easily as long as it is in reasonable condition.

If you are considering purchasing a reclaimed interior door, however, there are some things to look out for. One is the thickness of the door. The thicker it is the stronger it will be and the type of wood should also be considered. For example, you may get doors made from English oak or European oak or your door may not be constructed from solid timber.

Whatever door you buy, it shouldn’t be warped, cracked or distorted as the cost of repairing these doors will outweigh the benefits of buying them.

Once you get your door home ready to fit, ensure that accurate measurements are taken before cutting down your door. The last thing you want is to have a door that doesn’t quite fit the opening. Even if measurements are accurate to begin with, the humidity in the atmosphere can have an impact so these conditions need to be allowed for before proceeding.