A Beginners Guide To Reclamation

Reclamation yards are great places to source antiques and architectural features for your home or building project. Buying reclaimed items mean you are also having less of an impact on the environment than you would buying new.

You will find all kinds of unexpected items when you visit a reclamation yard so you will need to come with the expectation that you might leave with something entirely different to what you may have been looking for. If you do have something specific in mind you can try visiting a website such as hours to find out about the latest new arrivals or browse through existing items.

One great advantage of buying reclaimed is the money you can save on items that are often made using high quality materials. It is more often than not cheaper to buy a salvaged item than an expensive reproduction that may not last you anything like as long.

If you own period property, then reclamation yards will be an excellent place to source period features and even if your building project is new, you will find plenty of materials to add character such as oak beams and reclaimed paving stones.

The only thing to keep in mind when sourcing for building projects is to ensure that materials and dimensions meet modern building regulations.