5 ways to use reclaimed railway sleepers in your home

Reclaimed railway sleepers are chunky, solid pieces of wood with excellent durability and longevity. The perfect building material for your next home DIY project.

One important point to note when using railway sleepers inside the home, is that you should always make sure that the sleeper has not be treated with creosote, which is a toxic substance. Instead, look for pressure treated non-creosote sleepers which are safe for use in the home.

With a little bit of imagination and DIY know-how, it’s possible to create all sorts of furniture using the humble railway sleeper.

Here are five of the commonest and simplest home DIY projects using railway sleepers.

Fireplace surround – Reclaimed railway sleepers can be used to create an affordable, attractive and durable mantlepiece or surround for a fireplace. Cut a sleeper into three pieces to create a surround and attach with wall plugs and heavy duty brackets.

Floating shelves– Sawn up railway sleepers can be securely attached to the wall to create chunky floating shelves that are full of rustic charm.

Bench– Create a durable dining bench for your kitchen or dining room table using reclaimed railway sleepers to create a rustic country cottage feel. Make your bench as simple or as detailed as you like, according to your preference and abilities.

Headboard – Give your bed a makeover by adding a new solid wood headboard made from multiple railway sleepers stacked and secured. Those feeling particularly adventurous, could even construct an entire bedframe using railway sleepers.

Coffee table– Build a low coffee table using 3 or 4 pieces of railway sleeper for the tabletop and a couple of lengths of sleeper lain on their sides as the legs, attach the pieces using bolts.

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