5 ways to use reclaimed railway sleepers in the garden

Old and weathered railway sleepers are a versatile building material, perfect for use in a variety of DIY projects to transform your garden.

Affordable, attractive, and long-lasting, however you decide to put your railway sleepers to use they will bring an air of natural, rustic beauty to your outside space.

Raised flower beds

It’s quick and easy to build raised flower beds with railway sleepers. Raised flower beds are popular for adding interest and a new dimension to any garden, courtyard, or balcony. You could even turn raised flowerbeds into dedicated herb or vegetable patches.


Wide, durable railway sleepers can be used to build attractive, rustic steps in the garden. Whether it’s a single step to bridge a slightly uneven garden, or a small flight of steps to connect two different levels, railway sleepers can provide the perfect solution.


Use railway sleepers instead of stepping stones to create a pathway down your garden. Surround the sleepers with pebbles or gravel and allow trailing plants to hang across the edges for a real country garden feel.


Weathered railway sleepers are chunky and durable, making them a great building material for creating comfortable and natural garden furniture.


Perhaps the commonest way of using railway sleepers in the garden is to create a clear border around your lawn or flowerbed. A railway sleeper set into the ground will be much more attractive and effective at its job than a flimsy plastic border.

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