5 ways to make your home feel cosier this Christmas

Hot drinks, scarves, thick frosts, and long candlelit evenings, there’s no doubt that Christmas is the cosiest time of the year.

Get ready for entertaining and making memories with friends and family this Christmas with these five tips for creating a cosier home.

Makeover your fireplace

There’s no cosier image than a family gathered around a lit fireplace on a cold, dark day. Christmas usually means lots of quality time spent indoors with friends and family, so sprucing up your fireplace in time for the festive season can give you somewhere beautiful and cosy to gather everyone when it’s your turn to entertain.

Spend some time festively decorating your mantelpiece, add a reclaimed wooden beam mantel, electric log burner, or even install a reclaimed period fireplace to give your living room that Scandinavian hygge feeling this Christmas.

Festively scented candles

Candles not only look elegant, they also provide a warm light and cosy, ambient and romantic atmosphere. Choose candles with Christmassy scents like cinnamon, orange, and pine to fill your home with delicious smells and get everyone in the festive spirit.

Throws and blankets

When it’s freezing cold outside, make your home a cosy and warm retreat by layering up the throws and blankets on your chairs and beds. Use materials in different textures and deep, warm colours and then snuggle on down under the layers to watch a Christmas film with friends or family.

Mood lighting

The lighting in any room plays a key part in its ambience. Lighting that is too bright or harsh will quickly destroy any feelings of cosiness. They key is to use multiple low-wattage lights and lamps throughout the room so you can switch them on or off as necessary. Invest in reclaimed lights and lamps for your home and combine these with candles and Christmas fairy lights to create a magical space you love to spend time in this Christmas.

Autumnal and festive colours

Add accessories and textiles in deep, rich, natural colours to create a cosy seasonal atmosphere. Think cushions, throws, candles, and tableware in deep, dark shades of burgundy, forest green, midnight blue, burnt orange and gold.