5 simple steps to turn your garden shed into a home office

The internet means that more people than ever can now enjoy the benefits of working from home.

As well as cutting out the daily commute, working from home can also improve work/life balance and minimise distractions to improve concentration and productivity, that is, if you have a suitable quiet and comfortable place to work at home.

Converting a humble garden shed into a dedicated office space is an ideal way of affordably gaining a private workspace within your home to help you separate your home and work life and avoid distractions.

Here are six simple steps to converting a shed into your own home office.

Make sure you have an appropriate shed– Plan what your requirements for your office are and how much space you will require. You will need a shed with a floor and windows at minimum to make it a healthy and comfortable space.

If you require anew shed, browse our reclaimed sheds and summerhouses here at Beeston Reclamation.

Install electricity– Every office is going to require electricity, even if it’s just for lighting purposes! Chances are you will also require a place to plug in your laptop and phone charger. Consult an electrician to ensure that your electrics are installed safely.

Insulate– Insulating your shed is extremely important as it will keep your workspace feeling comfortable and minimise the energy required to heat it.  We recommend insulating the walls, floor and ceiling for best results, there are plenty of different insulation materials available to choose from.

Decorate– To create a comfortable and cosy office space, decorate the space as you would an extension of your home. Install carpet to keep it feeling warm and paint the walls in a welcoming and relaxing colour scheme.

Furnish– Now comes the fun bit, add your own personal touch to your space with your furnishings. Consider adding storage and shelving as well as a desk to keep your space feeling organised and clutter-free. Including indoor plants and artwork can make your home office feel cosy and homely and keep you feeling motivated and inspired.