5 period features you can buy reclaimed when restoring a period property

Buying reclaimed is the perfect way to acquire genuine period features for restoring your period home to its former glory.

In their original state, most period properties featured ornate detailing and an elegant style that just can’t be replicated with modern features.

Buying reclaimed period features can help to restore your period property to its original grandeur and add value to your home.

Fireplace– A big, beautiful, cast iron fireplace immediately becomes the centrepiece in any room. There’s nothing cosier than snuggling down on the sofa around a grand fireplace at the end of a long day. Period fireplaces are usually made from cast iron, making them low maintenance and highly durable and long-lasting. Victorian fireplaces are also often tiled in beautiful, decorative patterns and intricate designs, bringing style and character to any room.

Panelled doors– Most period properties started out with elegant, panelled doors. Over the years though many of these doors were replaced or covered up with wooden boards. It is usually quite easy to tell by examining your door whether it has been boarded over. Removing boards or replacing doors with reclaimed panelled doors can help to restore your property’s original style.

Cast iron radiators– Period cast iron radiators are back in fashion, and with their elegant and decorative style, it’s easy to see why. As well as looking the part, other benefits of cast iron radiators include a more space-efficient shapes and better heat retention than modern day radiators.

Floor tiles– Geometric, patterned floor tiles are a highly sought after feature found in many Victorian homes. Often found in the entrance hall, original period tiles are usually encaustic tiles, often made by Minton Hollins and Co. As well as stunning, original patterns, encaustic tiles have better longevity than ceramic tiles as the pattern does not fade or wear away.

Stained glass windows– Attractive stained glass windows were sometimes used in houses during the Victorian era and are most commonly found in a windowpane on the front door, or in a bay window. This desirable period feature adds instant refinement, kerb appeal, and value to a property.