5 features of rustic interior design

Rustic interior design is unfussy, natural and rugged, creating a sense of unpretentious homely warmth.

When looking for inspiration for your rustic interior, think remote country cottage or farmhouse. Rustic interior design uses minimal decoration, colour, and modern furniture, instead it embraces earthy and organic textures and materials.

Here are five common features of rustic interior design:

Ledge and brace doors

Ledge and brace doors are generally made from solid natural wood boards and battens, their natural and simple appearance makes them a popular choice in rustic interiors and country properties. Buy reclaimed ledge and brace doors for an even more rugged look.

Distressed wooden floorboards

Wooden boards are usually the flooring of choice in rustic interiors and the more worn and distressed the better, making reclaimed wood floorboards an excellent choice. Look for natural, distressed, and wide wooden boards to add real character to your rustic interior.

Chunky, reclaimed, wooden furniture

The furniture that features in rustic interior design is usually solid, chunky, and aged. Antique or reclaimed furnituremade from solid wood is practical, durable and full of weathered character, adding interest and warmth to your home.

Natural textiles

Authentic rustic interiors tend to feature minimal man-made materials and instead use understated natural and eco-friendly textiles. Think wooden blinds, woven baskets, burlap or jute rugs, wool blankets and simple cotton curtains and throws.

Wooden beams

Properties featuring wooden beams tend to ooze natural, rustic charm. If you’re lucky enough to have a property with wooden beams, leave them in their natural state and make a feature of them. With a little bit of DIY know-how, reclaimed wood beams can also be used in the home to create rough and ready rustic tables, benches and mantelpieces.

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