5 common uses for reclaimed bricks in the garden

The humble red brick is an attractive, durable and affordable building material, ideal for use in garden DIY projects of all shapes and sizes.

Garden features and landscaping materials can be very expensive, so before shelling out at your local garden centre, ask yourself, is this something I could make myself?

Reclaimed bricks are an extremely versatile building material, which many people put to good use in their gardens.

Landscaping your garden and building garden features using reclaimed bricks will not only save you cash, it will help to look after the environment too.

Here are 5 common uses for reclaimed bricks in the garden.


Using bricks in the place of paving stones is surprisingly simple and effective, adding an element of rustic, country charm to any outdoor space. If you want to add some pattern to your brick paving, try combining both red and grey bricks.

Raised planters

Build your own affordable, bespoke raised planters using reclaimed bricks to add interest and a new dimension to your garden. Raised beds are also ideal for growing a variety of different plants as you can control the conditions and soil in each.


Use reclaimed bricks to edge your lawn, flower beds, or different zones within your garden. To secure the bricks, either sink them into the soil or cement them down, depending how permanent you wish the solution to be. Your brick edging can take on a surprising number of different designs, sink the bricks level with the ground, partially sink them, stand them on their ends, or even tilt them diagonally on their ends and rest them against one another.


If your garden is on different levels, bricks are a practical and consistent material for building sturdy and safe steps to improve accessibility in your garden.

Fire pit

Always wanted a fire pit, but couldn’t justify the expense? Building your own using reclaimed bricks is a quick and easy way to gain a sturdy and attractive firepit at an affordable price.

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