3 Uses For Fruit Crates

Fruit crates could be described as the ultimate in upcycling. They arrive at the reclamation yard looking a bit battered and looking for a less demanding purpose. Old fruit crates are perfect for a variety of uses in the home and here are some of the best ideas for putting your fruit crates to good use.

Old fruit crates can make excellent rustic style shelving. Simply fix the crates together and then screw into the wall and after a bit of sanding to remove rough edges you will have created your own chic wooden shelving.

Garden planters
If you are a keen gardener old fruit crates can be put to all manner of uses including herb or vegetable garden containers. All you need to do is staple in some garden membrane and put in some holes to allow water to drain.

Children’s toy
Old fruit crates can make an excellent wooden body for a wooden go-kart. You will find plenty of inspiration for the design online and by repurposing the material it won’t be coating more of the plant’s resources.

We have a selection of fruit crates currently available at Beeston Reclamation so why not pop along and see what you can find?