3 Tips On Choosing A Timber Cabin

Whether you’re looking for an office escape away from the house or an extra indoor space for the kids to play in, a timber cabin can be the perfect option. So if you’re planning to purchase a timber cabin this year, here’s a few tips to ensure you make a wise choice.

Size matters
We always say go for bigger than what you need as it is surprising how quickly a timber cabin can get filled up with children’s toys, or if you happen to be using it for an office, all your work equipment.

Good quality timber is worth the investment
With timber cabins, you get what you pay for. Slow growing timbers will survive the elements better than those that are grown quickly. Nordic Spruce is a good choice. Selecting the right timber will ensure that you can enjoy your building for many years to come.

Make sure the doors are right for your requirements
Depending on what you will be using your timber cabin for, door size can be an important consideration. Making doors too small can result in countless occasions where you bang your head on the frame, so it is worthwhile to at least make the door dimensions high enough to avoid this happening.

Then consider if you will be using the timber cabin for general storage or a place to relax. If it is being used for storage make the door dimensions wider so that you won’t have trouble getting things in and out.