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The Pavillion

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The Pavillion

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With full joinery windows and doors.

Note: single window each side of doors on models under 14ft wide. Comes with 3ft veranda as part of total size. Can be made without.

Prices start from £1403 for a 10 x 12 Pavillion Summerhouse. See detailed pricing below.

Please note: floor sizes are 4” shorter e.g. 8’x6’ floor would be 92”x68”



Size (L x W) Price (12mm Shiplap) Price (22mm Tanalised or 18mm Loglap)
10‘x12’ £1403 £1965
10‘x14’ £1619 £2267
10‘x16’ £1712 £2397
10‘x18’ £1889 £2645
10‘x20’ £2051 £2872
12‘x18’ £2159 £3023
12‘x20’ £2483 £3477