Will Britain Become The First Country To Ban The Sale Of Ivory Antiques?

The UK government is currently considering a total ban on the sale of ivory antiques to set an example to the rest of the world as elephants come under the very real threat of extinction.

Nobody who loves animals will knowingly buy antiques made from ivory if they had any idea how that decision helps fuel global demand for ivory.

While it may seem like buying an antique made from ivory is simply putting the item to use when the elephant tusks it was made from come from an animal that has long since died, there is an argument that purchasing it will only help fuel global demand.

This demand for ivory has led to the slaughter of countless elephants over the years and this has wiped out a third of the African population since 2007 alone. This means one elephant is killed every 15 minutes.

The UK ban currently considered would extend the ban to the sale of antiques more than 70 years old. The ban may soon come into force if ministers decide that a total ban on sales of ivory will have an effect on helping to protect elephants from poachers.

Ivory can be used in anything from simple ornaments to piano keys.