Why All This Fascination With Vintage?

You will find all sorts of vintage and retro products in the shops today, so why in this age of rapid technological advances are many of us still attracted by things from the past?

Perhaps the biggest reason for the enduring fascination with things from the distant past is nostalgia.

According to psychologists, we all look on the past with rose tinted spectacles and long for those happy times when life was simple and uncomplicated.

As a result, vintage and retro are almost always in fashion, and often with a modern twist on what has gone before. Even in Victorian times, Tudor style housing made a comeback and the Arts and Crafts movement favoured a return to a bygone age where things were carefully produced by hand rather than by machines.

In this age where the older generation can often find itself bewildered by advances in Internet technology, smart phones and so on, it can be just as comforting to collect reminders of a time when there were no mobile phones and you paid for things with the cash in your pocket rather than the swipe of a card in an automated customer service point.

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