Which Type Of Metal Gate Should You Choose?

Metal gates can make an elegant feature as an entrance to your garden or driveway and there are many different types of metal gate to choose from including those made from steel, cast iron and wrought iron but which material makes the best gate?

You will find plenty of choice when it comes to low priced steel gates. Prices can start from as little as £60 for an average sized steel gate but the main drawback is these gates will not be the same quality or thickness as a bespoke steel gate. These gates will also be uniform in design, which means they are unlikely to stand out. Cast iron and wrought iron gates will cost at least three times more even if they are sourced from a reclamation yard, however the extra investment will be worth it when these gates are restored and painted.

A steel gate will require less maintenance than cast or wrought iron because it is more resistant to the elements. A galvanised steel gate will last for many years without rusting while cast iron will need to be regularly cleaned and rust removed to keep it in top condition.

It is far easier to source a steel gate than one made from iron. Steel gates are mass produced and the price has come down considerably as a result. This shouldn’t however put you off. If you require a wrought or cast iron gate to complement a Victorian era building, you may find exactly what you are looking for at your local reclamation yard.