What’s Your Antique Furniture Worth?

Down at the reclamation yard you’ll find all sorts of old antique furniture from a bygone age where good old fashioned craftsmanship reigned and mass produced household goods were still in their infancy.

Antique furniture much like any other type of antique is bought by people who are looking for items that might be worth more in years to come or as a thing of beauty to admire and bring character to their homes. If you are more likely to fall into the first category and are new to buying antiques then you may be wondering how to find out what your antique furniture will be worth.

Whether you are looking around your local reclamation yard or antique shop, then the first thing to do is educate yourself on the subject. There are many books available on the subject of antique furniture. Some will even give you a detailed overview of the period. This is your starting point for your journey into antiques dealing and the next best thing to having someone knowledgeable at your side to give advice.

Armed with this knowledge, you will then have a better idea of how rare your antique furniture is and who it was made by. Rarity, beauty and the manufacturer are three of the most important factors that determine value along with overall condition.