What’s Is So Special About French Oak?

Why have a items on sale made from French oak including floorboards and tables. You may be forgiven for asking, what’s the difference between French oak and other European oak?

Oak has a long history as a building material and has been used throughout Europe for more than a thousand years. This means the various regions of Europe have their own particular types of oak and different rules and regulations on how the oak is defined and forests managed.

French oak only comes in two species and the forests from which it is sourced are sustainably managed, particularly when it comes to logging practices. So one thing you can be sure when buying French oak is, you are buying something made from a sustainable material and new trees will have been planted to replace those felled.

Because of the strict rules that apply to the grading and manufacturing methods used to produce French oak products you can also be secure in the knowledge that it will be of superior quality to alternative oak sourced from other less well-regulated forests in Europe.

This is why you will find that French oak is more expensive than the more widely available European oak.