What Makes A Good Potting Shed?

A potting shed is a staple for every gardener with a garden or allotment big enough for one. A potting shed is excellent for growing vulnerable seedlings in pots before they are ready to be planted out in the garden.

A good potting shed, however, is a not inconsiderable investment and choosing one requires a bit of research so that you can ensure you’re not wasting money.

Potting sheds are usually made from either metal or wood. Both make ideal materials for potting sheds but wood will be warmer and as seedlings require a good degree of warmth to survive in colder months, wood that is treated should help you gain the best of both worlds in terms of warmth and longevity of the potting shed.

Wood also tends to look more attractive than metal sheds which can be prone to rust over time and require maintenance themselves from time to time.

Even if your potting shed is made from wood it will still need a certain amount of insulation and it should also have enough glass to be effective. Glass should ideally be toughened so it can with stand harsh weather.

We currently have a wide variety of potting sheds available to order from Beeston Reclamation all of which are top quality and perfect for cultivating your seedlings.