What Is Art Deco And Why Does Its Popularity Endure?

Art Deco can be defined as style which saw its origins in the early part of the 20th century and it has been described as a bridge between art and industry which had been competing against each other. Its aim was to make art accessible to the masses through mass production of furniture and items of fashion.

Art Deco’s rise to prominence was interrupted by the turmoil and hardship endured by the people of Europe in World War One but it re-emerged in the inter war period and through the 1930s.

The high watermark for Art Deco style came at the the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes which was held in Paris in 1925. Paris is the city associated with the birth of the style and you will still see plenty of architecture in evidence and influenced by this style today along with carefully preserved furniture if you browse any of the antiques shops in the city.

As mass production made art deco accessible to the masses the style reached its peak of popularity with consumers. The Chrysler Building, the construction of which began towards the end of the 1920s stands as an impressive monument to the style, which again faded in popularity a decade later with the outbreak of World War Two.

However, glamour never goes out of fashion and this is why you will see a lot of deco inspired items being reproduced even to this day. You may even find some originally Art Deco items at Beeston Reclamation yard if you prefer the real thing.