Want to Add A Bit Of Interest To Your Garden? Mix and Match Your Paving

Paving can make or break your, it is that important. The best design comes from getting the background right and that background doesn’t necessarily need to be uniform to look great.

You will find that lots of people now experimenting with mixing their paving materials to break away from the bland uniformity that is all too common in modern gardens. Mixing paving materials means that you can give your outdoor space a personality by introducing patterns and texture you simply wouldn’t achieve by using one type of stone.

Even if you are simply tidying up around the edges of your garden or driveway, Granite sets can be used to create a nice border and we have plenty in stock. We also have various other types of stone as well as quarry tiles in a range of colours including blue and red.

Having different colours and textures in your paving means that you can clearly separate areas and different levels in your garden. What may have been a dull bland walkway can be transformed if you choose the right combination of stones.

If your garden happens to be small, then using just a few different types of paving materials is advisable so that it doesn’t make the space look too busy.