Vintage Signs Are In Demand – Here’s Where To Find Them

Vintage signs are very much back in fashion these days so finding the best examples will be difficult as collectors search all around the country.

Today you will find vintage signs in all sorts of surroundings from cafes to shops and restaurants and their appeal is obvious. There is simply no substitute for the patina you get with reclaimed signs even though modern day versions aim to try and copy designs for effect.

Vintage signs seem to blend well in industrial style interiors such as loft apartments and the great thing is they are affordable if you know where to find them. Historically signs come in all sorts of designs constructed from either wood or cast iron.

Cast iron signs make up most of the examples you will find at reclamation yards, which is the best place to find them if you don’t want to spend too much. Fingerpost signs are particularly in demand at the moment.

The 1964 traffic regulations saw the decline of fingerpost signs but some still remain in use today. So if you want to preserve your own piece of genuine history and put it to use either in your garden or as part of an eclectic interior design scheme, you are welcome to have a look through the examples we have down at the yard.