Uses For Railway Sleepers In The Garden

Railway sleepers once used as a platform for Britain’s great era of rail travel are now in big demand in the far quitter surroundings of the nation’s gardens
Landscaping gardens can be a tough job that requires lots of heavy duty materials to keep the garden looking neat and tidy and to stop nature doing its disruptive work.

This is why the heavy duty nature of railway sleepers have become a particular feature of modern garden design due to their indestructible properties. Sleepers have been around for more than a century and they should be a feature in most gardens for many more years.

So how do most gardeners use their reclaimed railway sleepers?

The most common use is for raised beds where they can be filled with soil and set to whatever height you require. They can even be nailed together to make structures even stronger. Another potential use is in steps if you happen to have bought some sleepers in good condition.

We have plenty of reclaimed railway sleepers available in the yard along with other reclaimed items that would add a touch of uniqueness to any garden design project. Why not pop in and take a look around?