Upcycling – Painting Old Furniture

Old furniture sourced from reclamation yards can be transformed simply with the addition of a coat of paint whether it’s a bench for outdoor use or something for the interior. The painting of old chairs with spindles and so on can, however, take a lot of time and effort so here are some tips on how to speed up the process and make it a pleasure rather than a painful activity.

The first place to start is colour choice. This bit is very important as it is best to choose a colour you can easily live with long term rather than a colour you like but which doesn’t really sit well in its surroundings.

If you’re a novice it is usually better to stick with neutral colours such as white or stone colour for garden benches for example. For interiors it may be better to work hard on restoring wood and working with the natural grain using a good quality coating to protect the wood.

When it comes to painting the service preparation is key. Remove any dirt grease and rough spots with sand paper then spray paint the surface rather than use a brush it. This can save you hours of time and ensure a good even covering.