Types of Reclaimed Building Materials

If you work in construction it is often easier to buy building materials new rather than to make the effort of hunting around reclamation yards for the materials you need. Unfortunately, this approach may become more expensive in the future as the industry comes under increasing pressure to reduce its consumption of raw materials and make better use of what is already in existence.

The reclaimed building materials you will find at a reclamation yard have generally been salvaged or used on past building projects. If the materials are in good enough condition, then they can easily be re-used on new building projects.

The materials are often of a higher quality than those bought new, so there is a good chance that you will get the best of both worlds in terms of sustainability and quality when you source materials from a reclamation yard.

One thing you won’t get at a reclamation yard are reprocessed materials. Anything you find may be a different shape or size than it was originally but it will not have undergone any significant alteration.

So aside from the cost of transporting the material, you will not be adding to your carbon footprint when sourcing from a reclamation yard. Some of the many building materials you can source a reclamation yard include bricks, slate, ceramic tiles, fireplaces, doors, and cobble stones to name but a few examples.