Tips for maximising space in a small room

Use the interior design tips in this blog to maximise living space and comfort in even the smallest of rooms.

Many families in the UK feel like their homes are space-starved, with most of us having at least one room in our house that feels uncomfortably small and poky. Here are five ideas for making more of the space you have by creating the illusion of space in a small room.

Be clever with storage

One sure fire way of making a room feel cramped is to allow it to get too busy and cluttered. Make your small space feel bigger by keeping it tidy and organised, hiding away all but the essentials for a less is more look.

If your space is small you probably don’t have room for large storage units, so it’s time to get creative and find clever ways of adding storage to your room without buying yet more furniture.

Make use of wall space by adding shelves, slot a small storage trolley on wheels into that awkward dead space, or buy furniturewith in-built storage like under bed storage, a table with drawers, or a bench seat that doubles up as a storage chest.

Custom-made furniture

When your room is very small, every last inch of space counts. Store bought furniture comes in fixed sizes that very rarely fit perfectly into your space. By having your furniture custom-built for your room’s exact measurements you can ensure that you are making the very best use of your space by eliminating dead space.

Think light and airy

If you’re working with a very small space, then you should keep the décor light and airy to avoid the room feeling small and cell-like. Keep windows unobstructed and arrange furniture around windows to make the most of natural light.


Hanging a large mirror in a small room to give the illusion of more space is a well-known interior design trick that really can work wonders.

If you place your mirror on a wall opposite a window it will also reflect more light into your room.


Having excess items on show makes a room look cluttered and cramped. Whilst you don’t want your room to be devoid of character, it’s important not to go overboard with trinkets and decorative items or it may appear busy and overcrowded, emphasising the lack of space.

Ensure that clutter is stored out of sight when it is not being used, keeping surfaces clear, neat and tidy. Don’t allow piles of items to build up on top of tables and bookshelves, and only have a select few key decorative items on show at any one time.